Woman4 Her

An awareness project addressing the need for supporting underpriveledged girls.

WOMAN4HER is a supportive and awareness project aimed at addressing the need for holistic support to underprivileged girls when it comes to youth leadership. The goal of the project is to promote leadership development of girls from a young age among girls from economically challenged communities. The project has monthly meetings that are conducted with high school girls where various issues such as goal setting, sexual and reproductive health issues and financial literacy are tackled.

WOMAN4HER targets women sponsors as the core drivers of this initiative because they know exactly what it is like to reach puberty and have to overcome peer pressure, menstruation and other insecurities that come with growing up as a young woman in the midst of very little. The women pay a small token every month towards the meeting, for purchase of hygiene supplies. Others support the girls with school fees, stationery and uniforms annually. This project also has partnerships with other organizations who cover the school fees for the girls on the program.

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